Name the Litter


Thank you for submitting your names and voting in Bideawee’s Name the Litter Contest. Winning names will be announced on Facebook on January 10th!


Click here to see puppy video.

The holidays may be over, but Bideawee is starting 2014 with the cutest and furriest gift of all: a litter of soft, squirmy, cuddly puppies. These six puppies were born at Bideawee after the organization rescued the mommy and provided her with the care she needed to deliver and nurse a healthy litter of puppies. In a couple of weeks these 5 little boys and 1 girl will be available for adoption, but before they find their forever homes we need your help in naming them. No two puppies look exactly alike and these siblings are no exception. All have unique colors, markings, and expressions and all are deserving of a special name befitting of their individuality.

The winning names will be determined by the number of “likes” the name receives. We’ll be accepting comments and likes from January 2nd - January 9th and the winner will be announced via Facebook and Twitter on January 10th. Soon after, the puppies will be put up for adoption and all winners will have the opportunity to watch the puppies they named find loving, forever homes. Please consider making a donation to help Bideawee with the medical and shelter costs for these puppies and others like them in our care.

To submit a name for a puppy:
1) Click the image of the puppy you’d like to name. You can name one or all 6, but you’ll have to click on each puppy to submit the name for that puppy.
2) Submit a comment by logging in or using your Facebook account to log in. If you don’t have a Bideawee profile or a Facebook account create one is easy and you can do it here.
3) Submissions should include only the name you are entering.

To vote for a name:
1) Click the image of the puppy that you would like to see the name submissions for.
2) Find the name you like the best and click “like”.

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