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Gabby, Female, Dog, 1 yr 6 mos

This stunning dog is Gabby! Gabby is a two year old Catahoula Leopard dog mix who has the most beautiful silver and black coat. Her unique look is definitely a conversation starter and whoever is lucky enough to take her home will be fielding questions about what breed she is for a long time. Lucky for them, Gabby's striking look is matched by an awesome personality. Many times over Gabby has been referred to as a "trainer's dream dog." That is because Gabby is inquisitive, sharp, and very food motivated! This means that Gabby loves to learn new tricks and if you're consistent she can learn multiple tricks in one sitting! Gabby already knows sit, down, stay, and roll over! Gabby is incredibly friendly and likes to say hi to everybody she meets. She's very energetic as well, though, and would do best with an active owner. Her dream home would have a big back yard where she could run around all day but she's happy to settle with the dog park as long as you can take her often. Speaking of the dog park, Gabby is fabulous with other dogs! She's gone to the dog park many times and never had an issue with the other visitors. Because she's so energetic, we would recommend Gabby going home without young children. If you're looking for a true companion to go on adventures with you, come meet Gabby!