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In the meantime, here is a pet you might be interested in!

Buttons, Female, Dog, 1 yr 1 mo

Everyone, please come on over and meet Buttons.
She is a tender-hearted beauty, that everyone here simply adores!
Donning a doting spirit, and a charming nature, it's hard not to be endeared by Buttons.
And it goes without saying how beautiful she is!
Sporting a lovely golden coat, heart-melting eyes, and precious, long ears, it's hard to imagine how she could be more adorable.
She's is also the perfect medium-size!
At just 21 pounds, she is ideal for anyone seeking a new family member that is neither too small, nor too large.
All she needs is a family to call her own!
If this lovely lady seems like the one you've been looking for, then please ask about adopting Buttons today!