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Trinity, Female, Dog, 0 yr 3 mos

Hold onto your hats, it's Trinity!
A jubilant and joyous young lady, who's spirit can light up any room!
Happy-go-lucky and always offering the paw of friendship, she is a lovely soul indeed.
Not to mention, she's also beautiful! Donning a fantastic ebony coat with white highlights and accents, it's hard not to fall in love with Trinity in just one glance!
She would flourish in a home that is as gung-ho for life as she is, and that shares in her puppy zest and active lifestyle!
Trinity's idyllic family would be able to spend all day by her side; slowly introducing her to the world, helping her to make new friends, and teaching her all of the puppy ropes!
If it sounds like Trinity is the perfect fit for you, then please call for her today!