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In the meantime, here is a pet you might be interested in!

Moon, Male, Dog, 0 yr 6 mos

Come on over, everybody, and say hello to Moon!
He is a wonderfully adorable pup, that everyone here just swoons for.
Perhaps it's his long, smooth ears that charm us.
Maybe it's that fantastic copper coat.
Or still yet, it could be those heart-melting eyes.
Whatever it is, we sure are smitten by this young man!
Ever so loving and playful, Moon is not only lovely on the outside, but full of wonderful qualities in personality as well.
He is seeking a family that celebrates his playful personality, and that enjoys an active lifestyle as much as he does! He loves hikes, jogs, making friends, and learning, and wants to do it all by your side!
If it sounds like Moon is the perfect match for you, then please call the Westhampton Adoption Center today!