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Hannah, Female, Dog, 10 yrs 1 mo

Sweet, sweet Hannah is the type of dog that people swoon over. She's a ten year old Rat Terrier mix with the easiest-disposition. She's a relaxed lady whose dream day is a mix of sleeping by your side, lounging in the sun, and taking a few walks outside where she can smell the flowers and feel the wind on her face. Hannah may seem shy at first, but it's just her calm nature. Once she gets used to your presence, though, she'll be your little shadow. She'll be following you around the apartment, trying to be right by your side at all times. But Hannah would be just fine if you have to work during the day. She'll find a soft spot to relax her day away. Hannah gets along really well with other low-energy dogs. She'll happily share her space with a canine sibling. She's so relaxed she may even get along with cats. If you're looking for a sweet, loving, and loyal companion - come meet Hannah!