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Staff Spotlight: Maylee Calvo

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Unprecedented Times, Extraordinary People
   - President's Corner by Leslie Granger

The last month has been incredibly challenging, but sometimes the most difficult times bring out the best in people, and never has this been more apparent than in the last few weeks. Bideawee is considered an essential business so many of our staff members have continued to go out, ride empty subways, put their own fears aside, and show up for work so that our animals receive the care they need.


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On behalf of the entire Bideawee family, I sincerely hope that you and those closest to you are doing well and staying safe and healthy during the current crisis. We are facing unprecedented circumstances with many aspects of everyday life shut down or operating in extremely limited ways. Luckily, animal rescue groups and animal services have been deemed essential businesses.

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How to Stay Productive While Working from Home with your Pets

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Foster Spotlight
Angela Katsanos and her foster pup, Eliza

Bideawee is thrilled to be partnering with 1-800PetMeds®, America's Most Trusted Pet Pharmacy®, and has included a great article from them about How to Stay Productive While Working with Your Pets below.

For your pets, the recent change-of-pace must seem pretty exciting. They don't realize you can't shower them with constant love and attention just because you're temporarily working from home. Then again, how can you get anything done with those puppy-dog eyes looking up at you, or those little paws pitter-pattering across your keyboard? Now, more than ever, you'll need to stick to a strict routine. It's the only way you'll balance being a doting stay-at-home pet parent and a productive remote worker.

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Eliza came to us a very scared dog who didn’t like to be touched and wouldn’t leave her crate. I would have to physically take her out when it was time to eat or go for a walk. She would burrow under her blankets and never come out on her own.

She has changed so much! She has settled nicely into a routine. She’s completely potty trained, walks to the door when she needs to go out for a walk and is a very obedient girl. The only time she ever barks is when she hears an animal on the TV; it’s actually very funny.

Eliza has been a great source of comfort to us during this time. Everyone has changed their routine and is practicing safe distancing, all of which has been very stressful, yet Eliza knows nothing about any of that!

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Pick of the Litter - Lenore
   - Deanna Murphy, Client Care Supervisor

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Alum of the Month

You know how cat people feel honored when a picky feline chooses them? That’s exactly how I feel about Lenore! Lenore is a 7-year-old kitty who has been at Bideawee for more than 1800 days! While she can be a bit of a diva, she bonds closely to her favorite people, and I’m honored to say that I am one of them. She can be very loving and affectionate once she gets to know you and has even climbed onto my lap for selfies. She is very independent but would love a quiet home where she can feel secure and loved.

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Ollie (formerly Ben)

Age: 2 years old

Resides in: Upper West Side Manhattan

Favorite Activity: It is a tie: playing with his white wind up mouse and watching the birds flying outside the bedroom window

Favorite Food: Chicken flavor cat food

Celebrity Spirit Animal: Ryan Reynolds. They are both smart, funny, quick and very handsome

Least Favorite Phrase: “No”

Favorite Phrase: “Come here!”