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Bideawee Pets of New York – Pickles and Olive
   - From their Adopter, Sarah and John Zois

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The Future Welfare of our Animals
   - President's Corner by Leslie Granger

We came to Bideawee in search of a kitten to complete our little family. At the time, there weren’t many to choose from because it was February. There we met Pickles and Olive, two adorable grey kittens with big beautiful eyes. When we met them, we didn’t know that they were bonded and had to go home together. We soon learned that these babies were found on a boat on a very cold night. Pickles was taking care of Olive who was barely eating.


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Abraham Lincoln was quoted as saying, “the best way to predict the future is to create it.”

As we say hello to a brand-new decade, it is incumbent upon animal lovers to do everything we can to create a world without animal cruelty, pet homelessness, and needless suffering; in short, the best possible future for our animal companions.

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Submit Your Artwork for Bideawee’s Love Your Pet Art Contest

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Save a Life in the New Year by Becoming a Bideawee Foster Parent!

Bideawee’s Love Your Pet Art Contest is back for its 12th year! Every year, Bideawee receives hundreds of drawings, paintings, sculptures and photographs from students across Long Island expressing their love of pets. All students grades 1-12 are invited to submit artwork for the contest.

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Bideawee saves hundreds of cats and dogs every year who are not quite ready for adoption, and we couldn't do this without the commitment and dedication of our foster community. In 2019, our foster community helped us save more than 300 additional lives and in 2020, we are hoping to save even more!

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Pick of the Litter - Luke
   - Adriana Aguirre, Adoption Associate

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Alum of the Month

For this month’s Pick of the Litter, our friend Luke was the natural choice!

We recently celebrated his 5th birthday in Westhampton, and he is also our longest stay canine resident at the Adoption Center.

Not to mention, considering Luke’s love of adventure and his friends, combined with his natural charm, who better to nominate than this gorgeous guy? He's a staff favorite who is looking for a special adopter who will give him the time he needs to feel comfortable and safe, and help bring out the silly, playful boy we know and love.

Learn more about Luke.


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Age: 1 year 4 months

Resides in: The East Village, NYC

Favorite Activity: Hiking, playing fetch, snoozing

Favorite Food: Chicken

Celebrity Spirit Animal: Scooby Doo

Least Favorite Phrase: Bath time

Favorite Phrase: Good boy