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Pet of the Week: Sydney

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112 Days
   - President's Corner by Leslie Granger

I first began thinking seriously about adopting a kitten about three weeks before things got really crazy during the COVID outbreak. I bought a cat carrier and was all ready to go, thinking it would be a fairly quick process. But as things got more and more serious, I realized that in order to protect their staff, most New York City shelters had changed the way they handled adoptions. I was having a tremendously difficult time getting an appointment to meet a kitten at any shelter. After several weeks of struggling, someone from Bideawee's Manhattan Adoption Center reached out to me and scheduled an appointment for me to come in and meet Sydney!


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It’s been 112 days since the last time Bideawee was operating “normally”.

Before COVID-19, we were on track to surpass all our goals and were saving almost twice as many animals as we were the year before. Things were looking really good.

And then New York went on Pause – or as I prefer to think of it – PAWS.

Luckily, the Bideawee team was able to adapt quickly to the new “normal” and to the strict procedures and protocols we needed to adopt to continue operating as an essential business.

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Benefits of Flea & Tick Preventatives for Pets

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Self-Guided Walking Tours Begin at Bideawee’s Historic Park

Did you know that it takes only a single flea bite to cause an allergic reaction in your pet? Tick and flea preventatives can do more than just eliminate your pet's itchy fleas and prevent allergic reactions. Flea and tick medications also prevent tapeworms, ticks, and other insects from biting your pet, and prevent fleas from getting inside your home, on your furniture, and in your bedding. Note: It is much easier to prevent a flea infestation than to treat an existing one. Don't let your furry friend suffer from a flea infestation and don't let fleas get into your home.

Continue to learn more about the benefits of using monthly flea preventatives on your pet.

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Beginning on Sunday, June 28th, and running through the fall, Bideawee will be offering self-guided walking tours of our Pet Memorial Park in Wantagh on Long Island. Visitors are welcome to pick up a map and brochure outside the Pet Memorial Park office and tour the park Sundays-Saturdays from 8:30am – 5:00pm.

Walkers will explore the grave sites of many beloved and notable pets who have been laid to rest at Bideawee, including Sarge, a Belgian Shepherd and army hero of the WWII Canine Corps; Checkers, the Cocker Spaniel credited with saving Richard Nixon’s political career in 1952; a giant 125-pound tortoise; a duck; a capuchin monkey; petit horses; and more.

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Pick of the Litter: Maple
 - Dana Edelson, Outreach Coordinator

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Alum of the Month

Maple’s story has brought me a lot of joy lately as I’ve heard all about how great she’s been doing. When I first met Maple, she was feeling anything but social. She went to a foster home where she initially spent most of her time hiding, but then discovered that life would be better if she wasn’t so scared. Maple’s foster told us that “she loves playing, getting pets, getting brushed, naps, and that order”.

Maple is such a brave and sweet girl and I can’t wait for her to find her forever home!

Learn more about Maple >>


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Age: 5 ½ - 6 years old

Resides in: West Village, NYC

Favorite Activity: Playing with dogs/ mom in grass and/or butt scratches

Favorite Food: Fatty part of chicken or bully stick

Celebrity Spirit Animal: Carlito from Carlito's Way

Least Favorite Phrase: Bath Time!

Favorite Phrase: It’s not a phrase, but his favorite sound is definitely hearing the door to the goodies cupboard open or hearing when I come home