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Bideawee Pets of New York – Keira and Lady Whiskers
- From their Adopter, Allison

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It's Coming...
   - President's Corner by Leslie Granger

I adopted Keira and Lady Whiskers back in the summer of 2016 from the Westhampton location of Bideawee. I had been volunteering at Bideawee for about a year at that point and I knew I wanted to adopt Keira. She had come up to me on my first day of volunteering and only afterwards did I find out that she was actually a very shy and nervous cat. When I went to adopt, I left with Keira and Lady Whiskers because two cats are always better than one!


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It feels like we never had a break, but in a matter of weeks, the pregnant cats, mama cats, kitten families, and orphan bottle babies are going to be flooding alleys, backyards, communities and shelters once again, and we need your help.

Kitten Season is upon us and Bideawee is planning and preparing because we know that it’s only a matter of time before we are inundated with calls and pleas for help.

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Get Lucky at Bideawee This Month!

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Volunteer Spotlight
Manhattan Volunteer, Serena St. John

In honor of St. Paddy’s Day, we’re helping you channel the luck of the Irish when you adopt your new pet from Bideawee this month. Visit our Adoption Centers in Manhattan and Westhampton, and receive a scratch off ticket that will reveal either $50, $60 or $70 dollars off the adoption fee. Our volunteers will also be passing out tickets at the Westhampton Beach and Wantagh St. Patrick’s Day Parades on March 14th and March 22nd. All tickets expire on March 31st, so find your perfect four-legged match today!

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I began volunteering at Bideawee's Manhattan location with my mom in July of 2019. I had been asking my mom for a dog for a while but we agreed that it would be great to learn more about dogs and dog care by volunteering at a shelter. I have been volunteering for 5 months and enjoy every moment. My favorite part of volunteering is when I am able to see a dog get adopted by a loving family. This is a photo of Jet! He was such a cute, smart, and friendly puppy.

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Pick of the Litter - Jungle
   - Sean Bauer, Westhampton Adoption Associate

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Alum of the Month

When asked who would be my Pick of the Litter, the most obvious choice, with no hesitation, was Jungle. A loveable, long-term resident of Bideawee, he more than deserves center stage. Jungle has always been one of the more unique cats we’ve ever had, frequently showing off his one-of-a-kind crab walk, and quirky style of love. He's easily one of the most handsome kitties who has ever graced our shelter, and he can keep you entertained all day long! He would blossom if his future household could provide a good amount of space, exercise, and healthy outlets for his energy and curiosity. He always stands apart from the crowd, so who better to feature than this uncommon kitty!

Learn more about Jungle.


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Quincy Bo Wolcott

Age: 11 Months

Resides in: Queens NY / wherever Dad’s work takes us

Favorite Activity: Chasing squirrels

Favorite Food: Lamb lung

Celebrity Spirit Animal: Probably some type of travel expert- Quincy is already a world traveler- he’s flown, bussed, car road tripped, ridden the subway and commuter rail all in the first few months after being adopted!

Least Favorite Phrase: “No”

Favorite Phrase: “Yummy Time”