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Pet of the Week: Ziggy the Singing Rescue

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Silver Linings Playbook
   - President's Corner by Leslie Granger

We had been talking about adopting a dog for years, but it took us a long time to make sure we were 100% ready to take on the responsibility – we had babysat my mom’s dog many times, but it’s never the same as having your own dog child. One Friday afternoon, we thought “why not go check out Bideawee and just meet some of the dogs and see what happens?” Little did we know, we would end up meeting the love of our lives that day. We spotted Ziggy (formerly Luke) within the first few minutes of our visit, and immediately asked if we could play with him.


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I hope this finds you and your family staying well during the COVID-19 crisis. We continue to navigate these uncharted waters and find new and unfamiliar ways to ensure we are saving the animals that need us while keeping our humans safe. Through it all, I’ve realized that none of us at Bideawee were prepared for something of this magnitude--something that would so alter our daily lives and the way we handle animal rescue, animal health care, and even pet memorial services. We just didn’t have a manual; we didn’t have a playbook for a pandemic.

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A Veterinarian’s Thank You During Covid-19
 -Dr. Melissa Young

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Focus on Feral Cat Initiative (FCI)

Thank you for understanding that we are here to help you but understand that we are scared too.

Thank you for knowing that we are trying to stay safe and yet help your pet.

Thank you for realizing that we also may have a loved one, a friend or family member that has passed from the virus.

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Lil’ Biscuit was recently abandoned in Gravesend Brooklyn. This petite, late-term pregnant, very friendly calico cat found her way to the backyard of Alisha, a woman who had been laid-off from work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She contacted a local animal rescuer, retired NYPD Police Officer Suzanne, who contacted Ann, a TNR Certified volunteer, who is also a retired NYPD Police Officer for help.

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Pick of the Litter - Amelia
   - Kathleen Raab, Client Care Supervisor

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Alum of the Month

It has been an adventure having Amelia with us here at Bideawee, and quite a journey finding her forever home! She is currently in a foster home doing FANTASTIC-- no accidents, listens, and only aims to please her foster folks. This silly girl is about 65 lbs. of pure love. She builds strong connections with people and once she loves you she will always show it! She might squeal with joy at the sight of you, shower your face with kisses, or quietly lie next to you after a long day. What I love most about Amelia is how quirky and affectionate she is. She will need a calm home with no other animals and no small children. She has a history of anxiety, and needs a very special someone who is patient and kind who she can build trust with and cuddle up to for life! It will be hard to say goodbye to our sweet Amelia, but I am looking forward to her finding her perfect home!

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Name: Charlie Moon Ray Rice

Age: Almost 7

Resides in: Bushwick (BK stand up!!)

Favorite Activity: Sleeping on a fuzzy blanket on my lap

Favorite Food: Purebites freeze-dried treats

Celebrity Spirit Animal: This is a tough one! The first person that came to mind was Tony Soprano—an imaginary person, I know, but he’s a tough-guy-but-secret-mush that I love, so I’m sticking with it.

Least Favorite Phrase: “Bubba, we have to go to the vet.”

Favorite Phrase: “Charweeeeeees!! It’s time for breakfast!!”