In 2018, we shared stories of several animals in need of urgent care, including kittens Jinpa and Charlotte, and pups, Snoopy and Zoey. These animals all experienced some form of neglect, deliberate cruelty, or injury and required extensive medical care. Today, with your support, we are thrilled to report that Jinpa, Charlotte, Snoopy and Zoey received the care they needed, found loving homes and are thriving. Below, see their “Bideawee Alumni—Where Are They Now” Transformations and a brief update from their adopters.
“We changed Jinpa’s name to Popcorn, which suits his personality! He loves naptime with his buddy. We are all so in love with him!”
-- Pattricia, Jinpa’s adopter
“Charlotte has adjusted perfectly. She went home with me during the holidays and got to meet her grandparents! She is so loved and brings us so much joy.” -- Sophia, Charlotte’s adopter
“Snoopy is doing fantastic! He is as happy as can be, and totally spoiled. He is the best dog—never barks, has never had an accident, and never wakes us up! We love him dearly.” --Soraidaa, Snoopy’s adopter
“Since we’ve adopted Zoey, she’s become such a loving girl. She’s the best pup to take long naps with, and we just adore her.” --Nicholas, Zoey’s adopter
These “Happily Ever Afters” are your donor dollars at work. Thank you for supporting our lifesaving work, for improving the lives of homeless animals, and for giving Jimpa, Charlotte, Snoopy, Zoey and hundreds of other dogs and cats like them, a new lease on life in 2018!