Urgent: Pase Needs Surgery

Upon meeting Pase, I immediately thought, "he's going to be the love of someone's life."

The first thing you notice about 60-pound Pase is his enthusiasm for, well, pretty much everything!  It’s hard to tell which he loves more—people or other dogs—since both species send his tail into happy spasms, and make his entire body wiggle with glee.  Because of his joyful demeanor, we didn’t immediately notice that something was wrong.

However, shortly after arriving at Bideawee, he began showing signs of pain.  After extensive testing, our veterinarians diagnosed Pase with severe bilateral hip dysplasia.  There are generally two options for dogs with this condition: a femoral head ostectomy or a total hip replacement.  The former is a far less expensive procedure, and it can help with discomfort, but it doesn’t correct the issue.  That means that Pase could continue to have problems, and that his future family might be left to deal with them.  This wouldn’t be fair to this sweet dog with his whole life ahead of him, nor to the lucky adopter who will make this special boy a part of their family.

We knew that this baby deserved better, and made the decision to aim for a total hip replacement, but we need your help to make it happen.

The procedure costs almost $6,000 but with it, Pase will be able to enjoy a pain-free life like any other dog his age.  He will be able to play with other dogs (his favorite thing in the world!), go on long walks with his person, and be the loving, silly, sweet companion he was meant to be.

Please help us raise the money for Pase’s surgery today and give him the chance to become "the love of someone’s life"—both for him, and for every person whose life will be better because he was a part of it.