Bideawee is a vital part of New York City's rich history. for more than 113 years the organization has been a haven for pets and the people that love them. The leadership of the organization is dedicated to ensuring a bright and prosperous future for the organization by identifying new opportunities, employing technology to improve efficiency and finding creative ways to engage with people that love pets.  As needs change the entire organization has a commitment to remain current by evolving to meet the needs of today's pets and pet lovers. This commitment promises a very bright future for the organization and is evident when visiting any one of Bideawee's three locations.


  • Our President - Dolores Swirin-Yao

    Dolores Swirin-Yao brings to Bideawee more than 30 years of experience in the leadership and management of complex, multi-faceted non-profit organizations. Prior to accepting the position at Bideawee, Dolores was Executive Director of the York College Foundation and Vice President for Institutional Advancement of York College of the City University of New York (CUNY) in Jamaica, Queens.

    Before working at CUNY, Dolores served as Chief Executive Officer of the Girl Scout Council of Greater New York, the largest girls-only leadership organization working in the five boroughs of NYC. She previously served as Executive Director of the New York City Chapter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and held senior management and development positions at the American Red Cross of Greater New York, the Beth Israel Medical Center in NYC, and the Albert Einstein Healthcare Network in Philadelphia, PA.

    Ms. Swirin-Yao earned both MA and BA degrees in French Literature at Columbia University. Dolores is an avid animal lover who understands the importance of the bond between people and pets. Ms. Swirin-Yao lives with her husband, two children and Bideawee puppy, Tami, adopted in the spring of 2016, and a second Bideawee dog, Simba, adopted in the fall of 2016, in Brooklyn. Dolores' mother Henrietta recently joined the household, along with her new Bideawee foster cat, Wall-E. 

  • Acting Chair - Joseph L. Sorbera, Jr.

    Joseph L. Sorbera, Jr.
    Acting Chair

    Mr. Sorbera was elected to the Board of Directors in March 2010 and was elected as Vice Chair in 2012. He is the President and CEO of two affiliated corporate facilities service businesses, JLS Industries Inc. and JLS Cost Management Systems Inc. Mr. Sorbera lives in Staten Island, NY with his wife, Diane, their three children, his three year old “prince of the house”, a golden retriever named Chewie (short for Chewbacca), and Max, a Bideawee dog who adopted the Sorberas as their new family. In addition to serving on Bideawee’s board, Mr. Sorbera is a member of the board of Trustees of the University of Scranton and Loyola School of New York. Mr. Sorbera earned his degree in management from the University of Phoenix.


  • Board of Directors

    Joseph L. Sorbera, Jr., Acting Chair
    Leslie C.G. Campbell - Vice Chair for Administration
    Sally Wood, Vice Chair – Strategic Planning
    Andrew S. Frey - Acting Treasurer
    Pamela Laudenslager, Secretary
    Dolores Swirin-Yao, President & CEO


    Pallavi R. Attluri, Esq.
    David H. Best, MD, MBA
    Kevin Davis
    Garth E. Griffiths
    Pat Haegele
    Guy B. Lawrence
    Mary M. Luria, Esq.
    Keith Manning, DVM
    Doug Ray
    Todd Richter
    Thomas W. Young


    Lewis H. Berman, DVM
    Elizabeth R. Cooke
    William A. Dueker Jr.
    Warren Eckstein
    Ellen C. Grimes
    Vivian Huebner


  • Advisory Council

    Laurie Bodor
    Kate Donner
    Elizabeth Healy
    Pamela Laudenslager
    Guy Lawrence
    Daryn Mayer
    Robin Reardon Nelson
    Michele Shenfeld
    Rose Smith
    Delia von Neuschatz

  • Executive Leadership

    Dolores Swirin-Yao - President & CEO
    Raymond Cushmore - COO
    Jennifer Goodwin - Vice President, Development
    Dr. Shiann Simms - Vice President, Veterinary Medicine

  • Young-Professionals-Committee

    On June 19, 2014 Bideawee established the Young Professionals Committee with the goal of putting a new generation at the forefront of supporting Bideawee and its mission. Made up of volunteers, former and current staff, and friends of Bideawee, the YPC has been hard at work planning events, fundraising activities, and outreach programs.

    Co-Chairs: Joe Sorbera, III & Devin Shanahan
    Events Chair: Jillian Roberts
    Advertising/Marketing Chair: Nicole Badke
    Public Relations: Alana Rockland
    Acting Secretary: Mike Shanahan

    To inquire about membership or for more information about the Young Professionals Committee please e-mail