Kibbe Memorial Garden


A century ago, Bideawee recognized that pet lovers needed a special place to honor and celebrate the special and unique bonds that are formed with a beloved pet. As pet lovers that have always recognized that pets are members of your family, Bideawee established the Pet Memorial Parks in 1916 as a place that would mirror that sanctity and serenity that was afforded human remains; with a traditional burial and headstone as an everlasting tribute to their pet.

Today, it is just as likely for a pet lover to choose cremation instead of burial as the way to honor their pet’s memory. Pet lovers that choose to have their pet cremated have the comfort of knowing that their pet cremation occurs at Bideawee’s own crematory that has been operating on the grounds at the Pet Memorial Parks at Bideawee for decades.

Bideawee has created a memorial garden that is specifically designed as a final resting place for cremated remains. The Kibbe Memorial Garden is located directly outside of the office of the Pet Memorial Park in Wantagh and has been developed to blend in with nature and provide a serene setting among manicured trees and shrubs. Ashes are interred in columbarium niches faced in granite or in small plots beneath attractive concrete paving stones. The granite facing and paving stones can be engraved with the name of the deceased or other meaningful information.

When it comes time to memorialize your pet, place your faith in the heritage of the Pet Memorial Parks at Bideawee where generations of pet lovers in metropolitan New York have entrusted the dignity and honor of the relationship they enjoyed with a beloved pet.

If you would like more information about our Kibbe Memorial Garden, please call 866.262.8133.