The Dog Park at Bideawee is an active, limited-member, social community for dogs and dog lovers.  Here the members have the flexibility to interact with other dog lovers in group or one-to-one settings. The Dog Park at Bideawee caters to a dog’s social nature by allowing natural interaction and socialization between dogs throughout the fenced and secure one acre park.  The Dog Park at Bideawee is a place where owners and their pets connect in an activity that fosters and strengthens their life-long relationship.

  • Hours

    Monday: 9am - 5pm
    Tuesday: 9am - 8pm
    Wednesday: 9am - 5pm
    Thursday: 9am - 8pm
    Friday: 9am - 5pm 
    Saturday: 9am - 5pm
    Sunday: 9am - 5pm

    The park will be closed daily from 1pm - 3pm to allow the dogs from the Adoption Center at Bideawee in Westhampton to play and socialize.

  • Rules

    We want you and your pet to enjoy time together. To keep you and your dog safe and the grounds maintained all members and guests must adhere to the rules of the Dog Park at Bideawee.

    -Have Paw Pass visible at all times.
    -Please clean up after your dog and dispose of waste in the proper receptacle.
    -Fill in any holes dug by your dog.
    -Do not leave your dog unattended.
    -Only two dogs per person allowed at one time
    -Keep children under your watchful eye. No children under the age of 10 allowed.
    -Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian/adult.
    -Aggressive dogs will be asked to leave the property and may be subject to membership revocation.
    -All dogs over 6 months must be spayed or neutered.
    -All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations and proof of rabies may be requested if your dog is involved in a bite altercation.
    -Dogs must be on a leash at all times outside of Dog Park.
    -Owners or handlers are responsible for their dog's actions. Owners are legally responsible for their dogs and any injury caused by their dogs.
    -Owners accept financial responsibility for any illness contracted when utilizing dog park.
    -No smoking.
    -No people food.
    -Excessive Barking is not allowed.
    -Please alert the Pet Memorial Park staff if there are any problems with the grounds or facilities.

    Have fun and enjoy the time spent together.

  • FAQ's

    Where is the dog park located?
    On the campus of Bideawee in Westhampton
    118 Old Country Road
    Westhampton, NY

    How do I join?
    Please complete the application for membership and submit it the application through our online application process

    Is there a fee?

    What does membership include?
    Membership includes full use of park during posted hours, use of the agility course when the course is set up.

    What are the requirements to have membership approved?
    All dogs need to be current on vaccinations, free from intestinal parasites, and well-behaved. All owners must be willing to sign a waiver releasing Bideawee from liability if they or their animal gets sick or injured, or their animal injures another person or dog.

    How big is the park?
    The Dog Park at Bideawee is divided into two sections one for large dogs and one for small dogs. Total area is just under an acre.

    Is there a park attendant?
    The Dog Park at Bideawee does not have an attendant. The Animal Hospital at Bideawee is on site if a dog gets injured. BAW staff regularly police the site

    How do I get into the park?
    The park has a pad lock in which you receive a PIN code via email. This code will change every 2 months.

    Is it safe to use the park?
    There are hundreds of dog parks across the country and with proper precautions and vigilance they are a safe and enjoyable. Inherent risks are associated when dogs get together. Fights can occur. Animals that appear healthy can be harboring diseases. Bideawee can not thoroughly screen all applicants for health and temperament but takes reasonable steps to ensure our canine members are healthy and well-behaved. 

    Why do I need to sign a liability waiver?
    Not all dogs get along and there are risks inherent when you put a pack of unfamiliar dogs together. There is a possibility for a dog to bite another dog, or a human for that matter. Bideawee needs the pet guardian to be responsible for his or her pet's behavior. The waiver is proof that every member knows this and assumes all unforeseeable risks.

    Do I have to bring my dog to the vet before we can go play?
    Not necessarily. If you dog had your annual check up within the calendar year and the vaccinations are up to date all that needs to be done is to have your veterinarian fill out the medical health report. Your dog's vaccinations need to be current to protect you from contracting communicable diseases that other dogs may be harboring. Rabies vaccines are required by law.

    What are zoonotic diseases and how can I determine if my dog has one?
    Zoonotic diseases are infections that can be spread from animals to humans. The general method of spread is through fecal matter, or through infected saliva. Many intestinal parasites are zoonotic. If your dog is on monthly heartworm preventative, chances are low that you dog is carrying anything.

    Can my dog catch anything at the dog park besides Frisbees and balls?
    Anytime your dog socializes with other dogs your dog runs the risk of contracting an infectious disease or parasite. Kennel Cough and intestinal worms are the most common. You can minimize the chance of your dog becoming infection by keeping current on vaccinations and taking heartworm preventative. Fleas, ticks and chiggers are also in the outdoor environment. Make sure your dog is protected against these pests. Your veterinarian can make recommendations about the best product that suit you and our dog's lifestyle.

  • Application for Membership

    Please complete and submit the application for the Dog Park at Bideawee to be considered for free membership.


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