Training Videos


Obedience training is criticial to ensure the well-being of our pets and and enhance the life-long relationship we share with them. The basic lessons and commands--including name recognition, sit, lie down, and leave it-- establish a foundation for our pets to learn, socialize and can keep them out of harm's way. The Bideawee training video series illustrate some simple and effective methods to teach your dog these basic commands.

Training Video: Name

"Name Recognition" and attention are the foundation of dog training. Your dog's quick response to his or her name is at the root of all training techniques and is the first step in your pet's journey to becoming a good canine ciitzen.

Training Video: Sit

The "Sit" command is one of the simplest and most useful commands you can teach your dog. It gives you a wonderful way to control your pet pooch and is a basis for many other advanced commands.

Training Video: Lie Down

Teaching your dog to "Lie Down" on command can help your dog control his or her impulses and help you control your dog. A dog that is lying down is not engaging in a number of potentially destructive behaviors.

Training Video: Leave It

The "Leave It" command protects your dog from ingesting the many harmful non-edibles that they may be inclined to pick up in their mouth. It also protects you from having to attempt to wrangle them from your pooch's mouth, which could be potentially dangerous to both parties.