Through our innovative Reading to Dogs program, Bideawee places a Pet Therapy Volunteer Team (a person with their registered pet therapy animal) with a child who needs help with reading. This unique program helps children read to a non-judgmental audience, a loving receptive animal. As a result, children start to look forward to reading and gain the self-confidence needed to improve their reading skills. For more information on how to host a Reading to Dogs visit in your school or library, please contact your local volunteer manager.

Kate Lombardi
212-271-2984 x7239

Long Island
Alicia K. Ryan
866-262-8133 x7331

  • What is Reading to Dogs?

    Select Pet Therapy Volunteer Teams are trained to help encourage children to improve their reading skills in our Reading to Dogs Program. Our dogs provide a friendly support for the child to feel comfortable to practice their reading, and if children get stuck with some of the words, the volunteers will help them sound out the words. In all the schools we visit, our volunteers work with the teachers to ensure that the program enhances what the teacher’s goals are for the program

  • What are the benefits?

    Once these children are on the road to reading more fluently, other benefits occur. They start to get better grades in school, their attendance improves, and they complete more of their homework assignments. Their overall self-confidence goes up, and they also develop a great love of animals which they will carry with them throughout their lives. The more children are exposed to pets at an early age and what great companions they can be, the less likely they are to neglect or abuse animals when they become adults. This is a core reason that Bideawee does this program: We want to strengthen the bond between people and pets.

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