Yesterday was a sad day here for the staff at Bideawee and an even sadder day for a sweet boy named Sampson. This darling 5-year old Cocker Spaniel was surrendered to us in horrendous condition and we are reaching out to you now to help us get him the intense medical care he needs.

It is heart-wrenching to see the pain people experience when they realize they can no longer provide all the care a pet needs. And seeing Sampson’s family make this decision was horrific. Watching Sampson when they left was even worse. But the grandmother and her 10-year old granddaughter could not afford to care for his numerous special needs - try as they might. He has lost 75% of his silky hair due to extreme allergies and now has "elephant skin” (or thickened skin) and severe itching. Sampson needs immediate intensive treatment that includes a lengthy course of antibiotics and steroids, fatty acids, medicated baths, a hypoallergenic diet, and possible skin biopsies and allergy testing.

This was way more than they could handle. Both Grandma and little girl were wracked with grief about giving him up, but at the same time they wanted him to have the care he so deserves. You see, THEY had rescued him just a few years back from terrible owners that withheld food from poor Sampson. He was starving to death when they stepped in to save the little dog. Since becoming so ill, they knew they needed to save his life a second time by surrendering him into the caring and capable hands of Bideawee.

We need your help and your compassion to give Sampson the extended and expensive care he is going to need to heal. Won’t you please consider helping Sampson with a gift of $20 or more? It is only through the generosity of people like you that we can continue saving the lives of helpless dogs and cats. Please give generously today.