It’s hard to imagine that someone would abandon a loved one in their most vulnerable hours, but that is exactly what happened to four-year-old Pomeranian mix, Sandy.

When Sandy was surrendered to the municipal shelter, she was unresponsive, and hadn’t been eating or drinking for several days. She was clearly sick, and now, she found herself without a home, or a family to care for her in her time of need. Imagine what it must be like: surrounded by strangers, so sick that you can’t lift your head enough to lap at a bowl of water, and deprived of the only comfort and safety you ever knew.

When we heard about Sandy, we immediately prepared our veterinarians and shelter staff for her arrival. She could have been suffering from any number of issues and potentially life-threatening illnesses, and we knew there was no time to waste. After a series of tests, we found a mammary gland tumor, a massive bladder stone, and diagnosed a condition called pyometra—which causes the uterus to fill with pus-- and could have been prevented, had she been spayed.

It was no wonder she was in such a bad state; she could have died if we did not get her as soon as we did.

No one should have to endure sickness alone, least of all, an innocent and helpless animal. Today, we need your help to give Sandy the emergency surgery and expert care she desperately needs, the care she deserved, but was cruelly deprived of. Your donation of $20 or more, will give this sweet girl a second chance to experience the full life that we know lies ahead of her. Please donate to help save Sandy and others like her today, and together, let’s show Sandy the true meaning of "family."