Senorita came to Bideawee after her beloved owner succumbed to a long battle with cancer. As soon as she arrived we noticed she had quite a swollen belly, which led us to believe that she might be sick too.

Sadly, our veterinarians soon discovered a host of abnormalities, including an adrenal gland tumor and abnormalities in her liver and small intestines. It was determined that Senorita would need surgery to remove the tumor as well as to biopsy her liver and small intestines. A big surgery for this sweet girl to go through.

If Senorita were the only pet who came to us with a serious medical issue that required immediate attention, we could probably handle it. But nearly every week, we welcome a pet with a health emergency like Senorita's and we rarely have time to reach out to caring people like you for help.

That's why we've created a special membership program to encourage friends to make a monthly gift to provide the steady income needed to help care for pets in danger.

When you respond with a monthly pledge of $10, $18, or $25, you’ll become a member and receive our Bideawee Pet First Aid Kit. You’ll also receive that Bideawee Pet First Aid Kit by making a single gift of $60 or more.

Cases like Senorita's -- where an animal desperately needs serious medical care, surgery and treatment -- can cost thousands of dollars. There may also be a long recovery period and sometimes, like in Senorita's case, they may be with Bideawee for as long as they live.

This little girl, unfortunately, was diagnosed with adrenal gland carcinoma and will need to be monitored by us for quite some time. We think we got all of the cancer, but we will be testing her every few months.

We aren't sure how long Senorita will be with us but we are sure that your support enables us to make every day she is at Bideawee full of love, nutritious food and lots of attention. And she gives us lots of kitty snuggles and purrs in return!

Thank you for supporting the care and recovery of sweet animals like Senorita. I hope you'll seriously consider making a monthly pledge to become a member today. We really need the steady help, and you'll earn the eternal gratitude of wonderful animals like Senorita!