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Fran, Female, Dog, 2 yrs 1 mo

Look deep into Fran's beautiful brown eyes and try not to fall in love - we dare you! Fran is a two year old medium-sized lady who came to Bideawee in mid-February. She has a sandy colored coat with white markings around her nose and paws (as if she dipped her toes in milk) and distinguishing black "eyebrows." That's a lot words to basically say that Franny is beautiful and no one else looks quite like her! Fran is a total lover when it comes to people. She wants to sit in your lap, get her belly scratched, or just hang out by your feet as you watch television. But Fran has an active side as well and loves to play. Whether it's chasing after a tennis ball or exploring her new city - Fran is the type of dog who needs her daily sweat. Fran gets along with friendly, calm dogs but would rather be your only fur-baby. Fran is 40 pounds and full grown. If you've been looking far and wide for a well-rounded, cuddly, and active young dog, come meet Fran!