Adeley is a handsome 11 year old cat that arrived at Bideawee in August, 2008 after being abandoned in a city shelter and left to be put to sleep. He had little time left as municipal shelters are unable and unequipped to deal with such severe medical conditions. Adeley has extensive and dangerous allergies which need to be controlled with a special diet and daily allergy capsules, Pepcid and Thyroid medication. In addition to all of his medical needs, Adeley is prone to overstimulation when petted for longer than he wants. While he loves playing on his own with his cat toys, this feisty boy gets a bit perturbed at too much handling and can sometimes give you a swipe to tell you to stop. It will take a very special family to care for Adeley’s needs, but in the meantime he will always be expertly cared for by the Bideawee family because of the generous support of our sponsors.

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