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Nicholas, Male, Dog, 8 yrs 7 mos

Here comes one gorgeous hunk. Everyone, please clear the way for Nicholas! (Or Niko, as we know him here).
Isn't he just a sight to behold?
Donning a fantastic coat, two-tone eyes, and a comical grin, it's hard not to be enchanted by him!
Being an incredibly jubilant and free-spirited man, he is seeking an equally active, adventurous, and dog-savvy home to call his own.
Nicholas needs a world full of enrichment and exploration, and endless learning, and so a home with someone that can stay by his side most of the day is idyllic.
In return, you can expect a lifetime of laughs, love, and loyalty from this handsome guy!
He's a true happy-go-lucky "people" dog, and absolutely adores his humans, and can't wait to greet your next guest, or make friends.
He has endless affection to shower upon the right family.
If he sounds like the one for you, then please ask us about adopting sweet Nicholas today!