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Sponsor Pear

Little Pear arrived at Bideawee in July of 2008 as a paraplegic kitten that would need a lifetime of sophisticated medical care. When we got a call to rescue him, the staff at Bideawee decided right then they would care for him for as long as he was with us (given his extreme needs, we understood this would likely be forever) and give him the needed love and attention he deserved. Each day, Pear needs to have his diaper changed frequently as he has no bowel or bladder control due to his neurological impairment. But while he can’t move his back legs, he can get around faster than many of our four-legged cats and dogs. Pear spends his days relaxing in the Bideawee Learning Center with other resident cats and takes turns going home with the staff on holidays and weekends. Sponsoring Pear would enable Bideawee to continue our commitment to his needs for the rest of his life.

Sponsorship includes:

  • Sponsor Tee ($25 and over)
  • Full color photograph and animal bio
  • Updates twice a year to your inbox