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Barbie, Female, Dog, 1 yr 3 mos

With her good looks and cheerful attitude, it's no wonder this beauty was named Barbie! Barbie (formerly known as Barb) is eleven months old and is as lovely as can be. Boasting a red coat with dainty white markings - she's about as beautiful as they come. But Barbie hopes you realize there's more to her than just dashing good looks. Barbie is a wonderfully happy and sweet dog. Despite her size (she already weighs 53 pounds), Barbie thinks she's a lap dog and is always up for a good snuggle. She is always thrilled to see one of her good friends and her whole body will wiggle with excitement as she watches them approach. Barbie is a little more nervous around new men and so she hopes they'll be patient with her as she comes out of her shell. Barbie has a lot of energy and is hoping for somebody who will help her exercise and explore the world around her. Long walks and trips to the park are ideal! Barbie is still working on her basic manners and is looking for an owner who will be consistent and focused with her so that she can ace her skills! Barbie gets along well with other playful dogs but a meet and greet is always recommended. Barbie prefers not to share her food and would do best in a home without young children. If this perfect pup speaks to you, adopt her today!