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Ollie, Male, Dog, 1 yr 9 mos

Truth be told - have you ever seen a more handsome pooch? My guess is no! This suave looking gentleman is Ollie. Ollie is a one year old pup who came to Bideawee after his owners could no longer care for him. Ollie has a coat as dark as midnight black with gentle white spots throughout. He also has a teddy-bear like build weighing in at 80 pounds. Ollie is a great boy who promises to make the most loyal companion one can imagine. While he can be quite nervous around new people but it's just because he likes to look before he leaps. He's over the puppy-love stage in his life and his hoping for a close bond with a few special people. Ollie loves to relax outside in the sun and play with his toys. It's a majestic sight to watch him run across the grass on his long, tall legs. After playtime he'll happily nap on the couch or by your feet while you watch television. Ollie would do best in an adult only home with some dog-saavy parents who will know how to introduce him to new friends. If you've been looking far and wide for your special friend, come meet Ollie today!