She almost died, but her will to live was stronger!

When you’re told that an animal’s chances of survival are slim, you find yourself making certain assumptions. What you never assume is that the animal in question is a 12-week old, seven-pound puppy who should have her whole life ahead of her.

When I first met Tami, she looked at me longingly from her cage with faint tail wags and as I went to pet her gently she began licking my hand. At that point, she was diagnosed with severe gastroenteritis, complicated by intussusception of the stomach and secondary pneumonia. She was incredibly frail. Our vets were doing everything in their power to save her life, hydrating and providing nutrition via intravenous catheters and feeding tubes. However, her weak body could not respond and needed intensive round-the-clock critical care and support. I can’t even imagine the strength it must have taken for her to interact with me, but she was determined. I knew at that moment that despite her grim prognosis, Tami wasn’t giving up without a fight, and neither would we.

To date, this sweet brave tiny fighter has improved tremendously with the intensive care that she received and is holding her own. Her beautiful spirit and will to live prevails. Her prognosis has gone from poor to guarded to good, and though she is not out of the woods yet by a longshot, we have every reason to believe she will go on to have a long and happy life in a loving home—maybe even yours!

Tami’s care has been incredibly costly and the expenses are still mounting. With so many animals in need, and limited resources to care for them, a pup like Tami could easily be passed over by most rescue groups. But we’re not most rescue groups. We couldn’t turn this sweet puppy away and we know you wouldn’t have wanted us to. These is why need your help, and are asking you to make a donation of $50 or more today so that we can provide Tami and animals like her with the lifesaving care they desperately need.

Tami has a lot of love left to give and with your support, we know there will be plenty of enthusiastic tail wags and grateful kisses in her future. And together, we’ll have made that possible.