Aimee Bench
Aimee administers a private dog training practice as well as serving as the founder and lead trainer of Long Island based Mid Island Therapy Dogs (MI-T Dogs). MI-T Dogs trains individuals and their good-natured dogs to prepare them for Delta Society evaluations and certifies Delta Pet Partners upon completion.

Before founding MI-T Dogs, Aimee worked as a Coordinator and Trainer for the Good Dog Foundation and as the Coordinator of the Pet-Assisted Therapy Program at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York. In these roles, Aimee recruited, assessed, and trained volunteers and their dogs for visits with patients.

Additionally, she identified appropriate patients and matched them to a specially trained pet team. Through the use of positive, motivational techniques, Aimee maintained a playful and fun environment for the dogs, their partners and the patients. Aimee has received various rewards and accolades and has been featured in the media including a televised segment at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 2004.

Jane Kopelman
Jane Kopelman is a dog trainer and the shelter manager at Rondout Valley Animals for Adoption. Jane was on the behavior staff at the ASPCA in New York City and has been managing Rondout Valley Animals for Adoption for the last six years. She has served on the board of CACC in New York City.

Jane has a private dog training business in New York City. She is a certified Delta Society evaluator and is currently doing pet therapy with her dog, Wally.

Jane lectures nationally on sheltering and community outreach.

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