Little Urchin just arrived here a little while ago. For the very first time, we’re sharing some behind-the-scenes video of her initial physical exam at the Animal Hospital at Bideawee. As you can see in this raw footage, Dr. Shian Simms, our Vice President of Veterinary Medicine, is cleansing the dirt and blood from the wounds on her face and jaw. She had already received a hefty dose of pain medication which accounts for her cooperation.

Due to the nature of her injuries, Dr. Simms suspects Urchin is a tragic victim of High-Rise Syndrome. When cats fall from very high elevations even landing on their feet doesn’t necessarily save their facial structure. This poor little tabby was initially transported to a municipal shelter with blood on her face and in a great deal of pain. Unable to eat because of a suspected broken jaw, this sweet kitten didn’t have much of a chance. They were about to euthanize Urchin when Bideawee raised its hand to rescue her. Happily, you are here to see the initial step toward Urchin’s second chance at a happy life with a forever family

But first, she is going to need extensive surgery and long-term care to help her heal. And we need your help today. I hope you can send a gift of $20 right now to help Urchin get the surgery she needs and help Bideawee be ready to give emergency care to the next injured cat or dog who comes to us.

We won’t know the full extent of her injuries until x-rays are completed later this afternoon, but the possibility exists that her jaw is broken in more than just one place. We do know that it will need to be wired to heal properly and she is going to have a tough time for a little while. But I’m so grateful that your generosity makes it possible to give Urchin the urgent care and surgery she needs to recover so she can enjoy a pain-free life that’s full of love.

We will continue to provide you with updates on Urchin’s progress! And please know, Bideawee cannot save the many cats and dogs we do each year without you and we are incredibly grateful for your compassion and generosity!

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