Corporate Volunteer Program - Westhampton

Corporate groups must complete an application, sign Bideawee’s Partnership Agreement, and schedule/confirm a date, time and activities with Volunteer and Events Manager.

For spatial concerns, we can accommodate groups of up to 15 people.

Administrative Opportunities:
Assembling Adoption Packets
Assembling Volunteer Orientation Packets

Adoption Center Maintenance:
Windexing lobby, mopping adoption center hallways, washing food bowls, filling kongs, rotating wash, organizing clean laundry.
Washing and organizing Bideawee’s Mobile Adoption Van.

Outdoor Opportunities:
Painting the Animal Hospital, Adoption Center, the Westhampton campus’ entry way gates, and outdoor benches.
Raking Leaves and Planting Flowers at our Pet Memorial Park *this is a seasonal opportunity

Special Projects requiring a donation of materials:

Build wall-mounted cat houses for the catteries
Assemble Kuranda dog/cat beds
Construct litter benches
Create “no sew” blankets for the animals
Assemble cat trees for adoption center catteries

Typical Day:
Arrival and Welcome
Bideawee Overview
Tour of Facility
Group Project
Interaction time with adoptable animals
Group Photo

For more information, or to schedule a Corporate Volunteer Day in Westhampton, please contact Volunteer and Events Manager, Kim Keith, at at 631-684-0079 x7118.

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