What if I'm a Dog or a Cat Person?


Bideawee understands that there are people that more closely identify with dogs or cats.  The Bideawee Volunteer Coordinators work with each individual to accommodate specific requests so members of the Bideawee volunteer family can spend time with cats or dogs or both.  Bideawee recognizes that our volunteer's time is in high demand so the organization works to meet the the needs of the volunteers, pets and the organization by being flexible.

In addition to offering opportunities to work with animals, there are many other ways to volunteer at Bideawee that are essential to Bideawee fulfilling the organization's mission including Brand Ambassadors at events, photographer, grounds maintenance and helping the staff with administrative work.  Please contact your local Bideawee Volunteer Coordinator at 866-262-8133 for more information and determine a role that is right for you.