Volunteering at Bideawee is a selfless act of kindness that can make a life-altering difference in the lives of animals that desperately need love and compassion.  Volunteering is a commitment and there are important responsibilities that you must be willing to undertake to become a member of the Bideawee volunteer family. We welcome new volunteers enthusiastically and look forward to seeing you at one of our facilities soon.

  • About Volunteer Application

    Bideawee knows that free time is valuable, and the organization appreciates your choosing to dedicate some of it to help animals in need. Bideawee offers a large variety of volunteer opportunities from which to choose.

  • What Days and Times Can I Volunteer?

    Based on the Bideawee location and the role that you are looking to fill volunteer hours vary.  Bideawee works with all members of the volunteer community to find opportunities that allow people to participate within the confines of their busy schedules. Please contact the Bideawee Volunteer Coordinator at the Bideawee location closest to you to get additional information on the posted volunteer positions. 

  • What Training Do Volunteers Receive?

    Every Bideawee volunteer participates in an orientation and training program. To help the volunteer on-boarding process all new volunteers are matched with a "mentor" who is usually a staff member or an experienced volunteer. The mentor helps new volunteers get acclimated to Bideawee, answer questions and help as new volunteers get comfortable with their volunteer responsibilities.  

    During orientation, volunteers will learn about the organization's history, mission and how the Bideawee Difference has helped the organization remain a leader in in helping pets and people enjoy their life-long journey together for over a century.  Depending on their role volunteers will also be trained on relevant operations and safety policies and procedures, which are described in a Volunteer Information Package provided to each volunteer. 

    Bideawee's volunteer training gives new volunteers the information needed to have an enjoyable volunteer experience while fostering relationships with other volunteers that love pets.

  • Can Children Volunteer?

    Bideawee has a variety of opportunities to help pets and the people who love them. Bideawee requires that all volunteers that will be working directly with animals be 18 years or older.  However, there are opportunities to volunteer for pet lovers that are younger than 18 when accompanied by a relative. We routinely have volunteers that are tweens and teen participate in one or more of our many volunteer opportunities. Bideawee has opportunities that can satisfy school community service requirements and help enhance college applications. Please contact a Bideawee Volunteer Coordinator at the Bideawee location nearest you for more details. 

  • What if I'm a Dog or a Cat Person?

    Bideawee understands that there are people that more closely identify with dogs or cats.  The Bideawee Volunteer Coordinators work with each individual to accommodate specific requests so members of the Bideawee volunteer family can spend time with cats or dogs or both.  Bideawee recognizes that our volunteer's time is in high demand so the organization works to meet the the needs of the volunteers, pets and the organization by being flexible.

    In addition to offering opportunities to work with animals, there are many other ways to volunteer at Bideawee that are essential to Bideawee fulfilling the organization's mission including Brand Ambassadors at events, photographer, grounds maintenance and helping the staff with administrative work.  Please contact your local Bideawee Volunteer Coordinator at 866-262-8133 for more information and determine a role that is right for you.

  • How Can I Become A Pet Therapy Volunteer?

    The Bideawee Pet Therapy program is a way for pet lovers to share the unconditional love of their pet with people in need. Becoming a working Bideawee Pet Therapy volunteer team is an honor and it requires the commitment of the pet and the pet parent. Bideawee Pet Therapy teams undergo a variety of training and evaluations before receiving assignments to visit individuals in need.

    There are five basic requirements that all applicants must satisfy to become a working Bideawee Pet Therapy team as follows:

    1) Pet must be one year of age of older
    2) Completion of the application packet
    3) An interview and official evaluation of the animal's temperament
    4) Take the Pet Partners 6 week training course and pass a post class evaluation
    5) Mentor training

    To experience the incredible life-changing impact that your pet can provide people in need please consider becoming a Bideawee Pet Therapy team. To get more information on this innovative program please call Bideawee U at 866-262-8133 and speak to a Bideawee Pet Therapy representative to find out more information.