How Can I Become A Pet Therapy Volunteer?

The Bideawee Pet Therapy program is a way for pet lovers to share the unconditional love of their pet with people in need. Becoming a working Bideawee Pet Therapy volunteer team is an honor and it requires the commitment of the pet and the pet parent. Bideawee Pet Therapy teams undergo a variety of training and evaluations before receiving assignments to visit individuals in need.

There are five basic requirements that all applicants must satisfy to become a working Bideawee Pet Therapy team as follows:

1) Pet must be one year of age of older
2) Completion of the application packet
3) An interview and official evaluation of the animal's temperament
4) Take the Pet Partners 6 week training course and pass a post class evaluation
5) Mentor training

To experience the incredible life-changing impact that your pet can provide people in need please consider becoming a Bideawee Pet Therapy team. To get more information on this innovative program please call Bideawee U at 866-262-8133 and speak to a Bideawee Pet Therapy representative to find out more information.

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