You and I will never be able to comprehend this level of cruelty. But over and over we find ourselves having to ask the exact same question “how could someone be so evil to an innocent creature?” And yet, the tragedies continue. Just yesterday we received a sweet kitty named Wally brought in by a Good Samaritan who found her mewing in a garbage can. Why would someone maim a beautiful, innocent cat and then throw her in the trash to die?

While you and I will never have an answer to this question, there is something we can do now. We can work tirelessly to save this cat’s life. We can restore her back to health and find her a loving family that will take care of her the way she truly deserves. And we can do it together. But we need your help.

You see, Wally has endured indescribable pain as a result of crush fractures to her pelvis and both hips. Not only that, the image of the gaping wound over her right tibia is so graphic we’ve decided not to include it. And she needs your help to get the intensive care and wound management she will need to walk again. Will you help Bideawee give her the care she needs to live a long and full life? A donation of $40 or more will go a long way to provide this critical care to Wally and to cats and dogs like her that have been harmed and broken, left to die.

Please know that we are giving her plenty of pain medication to keep her comfortable. We’ll assess the need for surgery when she’s more stable and will continue changing specialized dressings on her wound every three days. We have no idea how long this kitty was left to die, lying broken in the garbage. But with your help and the help of the experts in the Bideawee Animal Hospital, she will never feel pain again – because of you. Your compassion and generosity are why we can help cats like Wally. We couldn’t do it without you.