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Tricia, Female, Dog, 2 yrs

Galloping across the pen and through the sand comes a stunning creature.
At first you may mistake her for some majestic forest animal, and it's easy to see how!
Tricia is a one-of-a-kind, large, and fantastically gorgeous pooch, who boasts a unique style and spirit.
A bold and brilliant beauty, Tricia truly stands apart from the crowd!
Boasting a fantastic honey and caramel brindle coat, shinning golden eyes, and a large, pink tongue, she is impossible to miss.
Truly spirited and gung-ho for life, she is ready to adventure, play, or jog at the drop of a hat!
A genuine Social Butterfly, she also loves making friends, and saying hello to everyone who crosses her path.
Tricia is seeking an equally jubilant home, with adult-only adopters that share in her active lifestyle, who love to be on the go!
Tricia also loves to learn, so any obedience-savvy family that will continue to teach her tricks and cues are idyllic.
If Tricia seems perfect for you, please ask about her today!