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Ellie, Female, Dog, 3 yrs 2 mos

Say hello to our little love Ellie! Ellie is a three year old girl who weighs thirteen pounds. She is bonded to her best buddy Teddy, and the two of them are inseparable. Ellie is quick to show her feelings and give kisses galore. Give her some nice pets and scratches and she'll be on your lap looking at you with her adoring eyes in no time. Of course Teddy will be supervising, and he also loves his equal amount of TLC! Ellie is not a fan of small children and can get nervous around certain strangers, especially tall ones! This girl can also get spooked by shadows, and who can blame her, she's just a tiny gal and shadows can be very, well, spooky! (One in three horror movies will confirm this). Ellie also only has eyes for Teddy, and aside from him she's not fond of other pups. Come meet this loyal, quirky, cute, adorable lady at Bideawee today!