Poor Ziggy. This sweet, aging poodle with cloudy eyes came to Bideawee absolutely desperate for the love and affection he has obviously never received. Talk about a streak of bad luck! Not only was he abandoned on the streets of New York, but he was starving. What was even more shocking was the huge mass bulging from his butt that our doctors diagnosed as a perineal hernia – the largest one they’ve ever seen.

Thankfully, Bideawee rescued Ziggy from the horrors of being a medically-needy homeless pup that most municipal shelters would probably euthanize. And this little guy with a funny personality and loving nature has been given a second chance at life thanks to the generous spirit of people like you!

When he was brought into the caring hands of Bideawee, our veterinarians cleaned him up, gave him a nourishing meal and began to assess the mass on his rear-end. While it was initially scary, we breathed a sigh of relief when his diagnostic work-up showed no evidence of cancer. While the mass is benign, his intestines are nevertheless inside it. Little Ziggy needs to gain a few pounds and get a little healthier before he will be ready for his surgery. Once it’s “behind him” the hernia should not cause him any further problems.

Luckily for Ziggy, we have you to help us provide the expert veterinary care that he needs to live out a full life. Our veterinarians never tire and will be there for him as long as he is with us - until someone sees him for the loving dog he truly is - like Bideawee did - and makes Ziggy a permanent part of their family and gives him the loving, forever home he deserves. No more street life for this boy.

But that’s why I’m sending you this email today. We need your support right now to help Ziggy get the lifesaving surgery he needs to remove this mass. A gift of $20 or more can help save Ziggy and other injured and ill animals like him. So many of the pets we receive need veterinary care when they come to us. We can’t turn them away, so we count on your help.

Please help us care for Ziggy for as long as it takes us to find him his forever home.