Severely Neglected Pup Needs Your Help


All you have to do is take one look at this photo of Zoey to know that at two-years-old, she has already suffered far more than any poor dog, any living being, ever should.

Just two days ago, we received an urgent plea to help save a two-year-old pup in horrific shape. The person who dropped her off at the local kill shelter said they found Zoey abandoned in a box, in the hallway of their building, in the middle of the night. Someone had just left her to die after months and probably a lifetime of neglect and abuse.

Over the years, we’ve seen some terrible cases of neglect but Zoey’s condition was heartbreaking. She was filthy, her fur was severely matted, and she was unable to stand. At first glance, you wouldn’t even know that she was a dog, were it not for her two shining, saucer-like eyes, pleading for help and just wanting to be loved.

Because of the compassion and generosity of people like you and the care of the Bideawee medical and adoptions team, Zoey will get the love she deserves and never suffer again.

When our vets first examined her, they discovered that her fur was so overgrown that it had caused strangulation on her paws, cutting off the circulation and causing an infection so bad that her ligaments were visible. Her injuries were indicative of severe neglect over a prolonged period of time. She had seen the worst of human nature, and still, there wasn’t a mean or distrustful bone in her body.

Now getting the medical care she needs, Zoey looks like completely different dog, but the injuries on her paws are brutal, and she will need to undergo extensive treatment at our Animal Hospital.

But we need your help today. Zoey is just one of the many animals in need of urgent care that we have rescued in recent months—Zoey, Jimpa, Betty, and the list goes on--and we can’t be there for these animals without your help. Your generous gift of $35 or more will ensure that Zoey’s future looks nothing like her painful past.

As this sweet pup prepares to undergo surgery, your support will provide hope to Zoey and the thousands of animals like her that come to Bideawee in search of the happily ever after they deserve. Thank you for showing Zoey that for every person that will willfully harm an animal, there are thousands more that will be there with a helping hand in their time of need.