Achilles needs your help right now!


If it weren’t for one of “New York’s Finest,” little Achilles’ life might have ended badly by the side of the road. But because of the kindness of one officer from the 102nd precinct, he now has a chance for a bright future. We’ll never know exactly what happened to this poor kitty, but we know it wasn’t good. When the officer rescued this injured boy and delivered him to the city shelter they knew instantly his mangled hind leg needed surgical intervention so they immediately called Bideawee. There was no time to spare – he had a high fever and his right back leg was contorted in a horrible position.

Luckily for Achilles, Bideawee is there to help because of the compassion of people like you. And Achilles needs your help right now.

As soon as we got the call, we rushed this 5-year old cat to safety and into the caring, expert hands of our veterinarians at the Animal Hospital at Bideawee. Despite his pain he was teasing for food. But stabilization was the number one priority after his temperature spiked to 106. His condition was touch and go. The x-rays revealed that the head of his right femur was fractured and would need to be pinned. But specialty orthopedic surgery is expensive and we urgently need your help to help Achilles get his second chance.

Bideawee is always here to help cats like Achilles survive and we can continue to do so because of individuals like you, who offer generous help in times of need. Please consider helping Achilles get the surgery and lengthy rehabilitation he needs in order to give him the long healthy life he so deserves. Donate $20 or more to help Achilles and others like him.