Breeze needs your help right now!


It baffles the mind. An act too heinous to understand. An innocent pup apparently thrown from a moving car into the Bronx River. Left to die alone in the water - afraid and severely injured. It must have taken every ounce of strength for this little dog to remain afloat and not drown, all while in horrible pain from a shattered femur in his hind leg.

Luckily for Breeze, a sweet little Jack Russell Terrier mix, a New York City police officer's eagle eye spotted him struggling in the river and was able to get to him in time. The officer brought Breeze directly to a municipal shelter but they are not well-equipped to handle such extreme cases and he was surrendered to Bideawee shortly after his arrival. Because of the generosity and compassion of people like you, Bideawee is able to provide him with the complex surgery, rehabilitation and loving care he so needs.

After diagnostic x-rays and a complete work-up at the Animal Hospitals at Bideawee, it was determined that Breeze needed immediate surgery to repair his femur that was shattered right near his knee joint. These are extremely painful injuries that require difficult, expensive surgery, fine-tuned pain management and post-op care in the hands of skilled surgeons. But we think Breeze is worth it.

Still, Breeze will have a long road to recovery after this horrible act of brutality as well as the inevitable psychological trauma that accompanies such a tragedy. But with your help, Breeze's wounds – physical and emotional - will heal and he will get his second chance at a loving, cruelty-free, forever home. Please donate $20 or more today for Breeze's care.

We cannot even imagine why someone would inflict this on an innocent pet like Breeze. He is such a sweet and trusting boy despite what he has endured. And now Breeze is in nurturing hands at Bideawee receiving the medical attention required for him to heal. Just as importantly, he's receiving the love and care that will help him return to being a happy and playful companion for a special new family.

But that road will be long and difficult...and expensive. Please help Bideawee help Breeze as well as other dogs and cats, puppies and kittens - who may be suffering now - find the loving and safe homes they deserve.