Bruce is a sweet, three-year old Norwich Terrier-Mix whose owners wanted to take him on a plane trip. However, his veterinarian refused to give flight clearance because Bruce suffers from bilateral neck masses and he didn't think he could fly safely unless they were removed. So what did his owners do? They just dumped poor Bruce at a municipal shelter with no means of providing surgery. They left him to languish and never looked back.

Thankfully, the shelter staff knew enough to call Bideawee when everyone else said, "no". They also knew we could help Bruce get the complex care he needs because of the loyal and compassionate support of people like you.

When others turned their backs on Bruce, Bideawee was his last hope to provide the major reconstructive neck surgery he urgently needs. And, with the loving care we provide, we hope he'll be flying high with a loving family someday soon.

Unfortunately, because the tumors have metastasized the surgery will be extensive and the recovery process will be prolonged. But we are hopeful that with your help to offset the costly care this little dog needs, Bruce will fully recover and be ready for adoption in a few months. We know that Bruce is worth it and think that you will too.

Please donate $20 or more to help Bideawee provide the surgery to remove these masses from Bruce's neck so he can finally have a chance with a loving family. And who knows? Maybe he'll even be able to take a trip on an airplane with his new family!