Little Chloe needs your help right now!


Chloe, an adorable 1-year old Yorkie-Poo needs emergency surgery to stabilize and heal her severe leg fractures. We are rushing her into surgery right now.

Little Chloe was surrendered to Bideawee by her owner after a neighbor intervened on this sweet girl’s behalf. According to the neighbor, Chloe got loose at a park on Monday and was hit by a car. After realizing that her left rear leg was floppy, strangely positioned and she couldn’t walk, her owner had a very tough choice. As is too often the case these days, she was unable to afford the extensive care required and contemplated relinquishing her to a high-kill municipal shelter. Fortunately for this young dog, her neighbor and good Samaritan was able to convince her owner that Bideawee was her only choice. Bideawee would not only be able to help Chloe get the immediate care she needed and able to provide the ongoing financial resources she’ll need to make a full recovery and place her in a loving home. And we can do all this because of your help.

As soon as she arrived late yesterday, we instantly went to work getting her pain under control and performing diagnostic x-rays. Pain medication was paramount since she’d been injured on Monday! It’s unimaginable how she must have suffered over the last three days, but we’ve been able to keep her very comfortable overnight and we’ve been showering her with lots of love and attention. The x-rays revealed she has a severe fracture dislocation of her left femur. Even before the accident we fear that Chloe may not have received optimal care because her fur was so severely matted. But do not fear, with your generous assistance she will be in surgery today to stabilize her fracture and she’ll get all the medication she needs to keep her comfortable. After her immediate needs have been addressed we’ll get her cleaned up and give her tons of loving care while she heals and recuperates within the safe confines of the Animal Hospital at Bideawee.

Please donate $20 or more today to help us provide this extraordinarily expensive and time-consuming care to Chloe. We need your help now – and so does she.