Fox and Peaches


We need your help. We have just learned from our medical staff that two tiny kittens have been brought to Bideawee in critical condition. Both are suffering from different medical issues – but both are in need of urgent, emergency care. Peaches and Fox are too sweet for words and we are all working around the clock to get them the immediate care they need. But we need you to help us help them now.

Poor little Peaches arrived with her eyes horribly infected and with ulcerations of both corneas. It is difficult to even look at her, we know. But we know too that at Bideawee she will get the expert care she needs to grow into a beautiful happy kitty. At this point it is almost certain she will lose her right eye. Her attending veterinarian and one of our most trusted doctors has determined that because she has no vision at all, the best course of action is to remove the eye to minimize her pain. The left eye remains a waiting game to see if vision can be salvaged. But as of today there is none, and if nothing changes she will need to have both eyes removed. The final determination will be made in a day or two and Peaches will need all the care and love we can provide as she goes through the lengthy healing process after her surgery.

As for little Fox, his story is “touch and go” and continues to change minute to minute. Poor Fox was found under the hood of a car and the owner brought him to a municipal shelter where he would have been euthanized if it weren’t for the intervention of Bideawee. He was initially diagnosed with a fractured pelvis and left leg but it became apparent after arriving at Bideawee that he had also sustained major neurological damage that caused him to have limited bowel and bladder control. The only way he’s able to urinate is to have his bladder expressed on a regular basis and due to his fecal incontinence he is bathed twice daily. We are letting the fractures repair themselves because in this case, less is more. He is still able to walk and the recommended treatment is to allow his bones to heal on their own with 3 weeks of cage rest. But Fox is in critical condition as we write this and every minute counts. In fact, we just received word that Fox has taken a turn for the worse and has developed a serious Upper Respiratory Infection. We are doing everything in our power to help him: Intravenous fluids, antibiotics, steroids, nebulizing, and chest physical therapy, clearing his airways morning noon and night. Major intensive care. But we need your help to help Fox and Peaches now.

These two darling kittens have had such a bad go at life so far, but we know that with the compassion and generosity of people like you, these kittens and others like them have a second chance at a happy and long life. Your gift of $15 or more will help Bideawee in our extraordinary efforts to save the lives of Fox, Peaches and so many others that suffer needlessly.