At 10-years-old, she lost the only home she ever knew


When someone relinquishes a family pet to a shelter, our response is almost instinctual: we feel sad, frustrated, at times, even angry. Our stomachs drop and our hearts sink, because we know what an animal goes through when they lose the only family they have ever known.  We see the sadness in their eyes, the fear in their body, and the distress of searching for that one recognizable face every time someone walks through the door.  As animal lovers, we immediately identify with the animal’s suffering, but sometimes, the experience is just as agonizing for the person saying goodbye.

When the young man walked into the lobby carrying the scruffy, diminutive yorkie mix, he was clearly heartbroken.  He said that the dog, named Oreo, had belonged to his sister, but didn’t elaborate.  The man seemed to want what was best for Oreo but knew that he couldn’t provide it. "I’m sorry, I’m sorry," he repeated to the sweet, trembling, pup, before saying his final goodbye and entrusting her to our care.

Our veterinarian soon discovered that Oreo was about 10-years-old and had a battery of health problems.  She has skin issues, which are causing excessive scratching, irritation, and hair loss; she will need multiple dental extractions; and most worrisome, she has two mammary gland masses that the doctor suspects are cancerous.  Despite this prognosis, Oreo is in good hands and her quality of life is improving every day.  Yesterday, she played fetch with our Animal Hospital staff, and we’re pretty sure we even saw a smile on her adorable face.  Whatever lies ahead, she can finally receive the care she needs because of your support.   

We look forward to the day when we will never have to witness another tearful goodbye between a pet and their loved one, but until that day comes, your support enables us to be there when others can’t. Oreo has a lot of life left in her, but she needs our help.  Sometime it takes a village to help these babies, and we thank you for being a part of that village.  Please donate today so that this sweet girl, and other animals like her, always have a safe place to land.