Urgent: Six Puppies Fighting for Their Lives

It isn’t every day that we say this, but we desperately need your help.

Last Sunday, one of the puppies at our Manhattan location fell ill and tested positive for Parvo virus – an extremely contagious, life-threatening illness.  Despite our best efforts, the disease quickly spread through the shelter, claiming the life of one young puppy and leaving six others fighting for their lives.

Our Animal Hospital and Adoption Center staff have been working tirelessly to care for these tiny two-month-old babies, and in several critical cases, have arranged for their transfer to facilities where they can receive specialized life-saving care.

Parvo can be treated successfully but it’s incredibly costly and labor-intensive.  Treatment can run upwards of $5,000 dollars PER puppy (that's a total of $30,000) but these sweet little lives are worth every penny.  It’s times like this that we are overcome with gratitude to share our mission with a community that cares every bit as much as we do.   We know that we can count on your support and because of it, animals like these can count on ours.

While some dogs lose their lives to Parvo, many make a full recovery with proper medical care, and go on to become happy, healthy, beloved family members.  These sweet puppies are fighters, but they can’t do it alone. Let Rosie, Romeo, Bella, Biggie, Barney and Freddy know that you are with them every step of the way by donating today, and please share this email. Their lives depend on us.


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