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Tucker, Male, Dog, 2 yrs 9 mos

This fantastically handsome young man is named Tucker.
What a delight he is!
Boasting a gleaming obsidian coats, golden pips, and a bright, pink tongue, he simply radiates handsome!
More than just his good looks, Tucker is also quite charismatic in personality.
He really knows how to charm the crowds!
Over-spilling with affection, spirit, and humor, Tucker is hard to resist.
His happiness is nearly contagious!
Tucker is seeking a family that is as gung-ho for life, love, and adventure as he is.
He's always ready to go on exploration, make friends, go for a run, play, hike, or just about anything, and needs a family that shares in all of that!
If he sounds like the right match, please ask about Tucker today!