GOOD NEWS - Last of our Parvo survivor puppies returns to Bideawee


Thanks to all of our supporters, the last of our Parvo survivor puppies came home to Bideawee today!

Fritz fought a touch-and-go battle for the last two and a half weeks, including a bout with pneumonia just this week.  His care alone cost more than $4,000.  But when we see the bright eyes of all five of our survivors, we remember why it is that we do what we do.

Most shelters, even no-kill shelters, would not have had the resources to provide these puppies with what they needed, and unfortunately might have been forced to euthanize them when they were so gravely ill.  But, thanks to our many supporters who helped us during this crisis, we were able to provide the emergency treatment that the puppies needed.

Sadly, of the nine puppies who were diagnosed, we lost four, Reggie, Romeo, Ripley and Freddy, to this particularly virulent strain of parvovirus.  Yet, for the future families of these beautiful five survivors, our investment in their care was truly priceless.  I know that they will be forever grateful for the generosity of our friends, as am I.

We are still settling the accounts but the cost of care for this outbreak is estimated at approaching $30,000.  So far, we have raised more than $12,000 for this appeal, which is an enormous help in defraying our costs.  Any additional contributions are welcome so that we can pay the remainder of our costs.

Please join me in welcoming Fritz, Barney, Bella, Franny and Rosie back from death’s door to a happy future in loving homes.  Many, many thanks!