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Brook, Female, Dog, 0 yr 7 mos

This festive young pup is Brook! Brook is a six (almost seven) month old Terrier mix who is the talk of town here at Bideawee. Brook is a beautiful dog and people can't help but comment on her appearance when they see her. Her big brown eyes, floppy ears, and black and white coat give her a unique and exquisite look. More than one person has also commented on her famous lookalike - Petey the dog! Brook is a very active young adult. Her absolute favorite time of the day is when she gets to go outside. The second you leash her up she begins to grin from ear to ear. Brook is very energetic and so she needs a family that's committed to providing her with the exercise she needs. But after Brook has fully exhausted herself with a trip to the dog park or a rigorous game of fetch, she promises to lay in your lap or sprawled out by your feet while you both take in so much deserved R&R. Brook would do best without young children because she's very rambunctious when she plays. She gets along well with other dogs but a meet and great is always recommended. Brook is almost housebroken but may require some crate-training to get 100% there. She's 28 pounds and has a little growing left to do. Come in and meet Brook!

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