Serena St. John

A young girl carrying a black fluffy dog.

I began volunteering at Bideawee’s Manhattan location with my mom in July of 2019. I had been asking my mom for a dog for a while but we agreed that it would be great to learn more about dogs and dog care by volunteering at a shelter. I have been volunteering for 5 months and enjoy every moment. My favorite part of volunteering is when I am able to see a dog get adopted by a loving family. This is a photo of Jet! He was such a cute, smart, and friendly puppy. One day when my mom and I were volunteering, we heard a couple say that Jet was so amazing that they wanted to take him home immediately. They had seen him on the website and as soon as they met him in person you could tell that they were in love. Jet seemed like a perfect fit for them. I am so happy to be helping these dogs find their forever families.