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Bolt, Male, Dog, 0 yr 2 mos

Make way! Make way! Bolt is coming through!
He is one charming and charismatic man, who knows how to light up any room and steal the limelight.
Engaging, and radiating an effervescent spirit, Bolt is striking, and can command any audience. Not to mention, look how handsome he is!
Boasting a lovely chocolate coat, a becoming white chest, and adorable ears, it's hard not to swoon.
He would thrive in a home that is as gung-ho for life as he is, and that shares in his puppy zest and active lifestyle!
Bolt's ideal family would be able to spend all day by his side; slowly introducing him to the world, helping him to make new friends, and teaching him all of the puppy ropes!
If it sounds like Bolt is the perfect fit for you, then please call for him today!