Help us reach our goal by midnight tonight!


When a generous donor offered to match your online donations up to $70,000 to help Bideawee save more homeless pets this holiday season, we told her yes, yes and yes, knowing we could count on your compassion and generosity to help us reach that goal.

Now time is starting to run out and we really need your help to raise these funds. Only one more day to make this $70,000 match turn into $140,000 to help rescue and rehabilitate more hungry, hurt and sick pets this winter and find them the loving homes they deserve.

Think about it. Whatever amount you can donate is doubled to help save twice as many lives. Your twenty dollars becomes forty and feeds twice as many cats or dogs in our shelter. Your $50 becomes a $100 and can help provide twice as many vaccinations for newly arrived pets. And, of course, your $100 or more becomes $200 or more and can help pay for twice as much urgent medical care for an injured animal in need of life-saving surgery.

Please donate now to help Bideawee save twice as many lives!