A Behind the Scenes Look at our Mobile Adoption Events


As the Manager of Transportation Services and Events, I have the special role of working in conjunction with various other departments and teams to bring our animals one step closer to finding their forever homes. My job is to bring pets to the people who love them, and create memorable events throughout New York City and Long Island.

Before an offsite adoption event takes place, I work with the marketing department to facilitate all of the logistics and ensure that everything runs smoothly. I go over the details of time, location, event contact people, foot traffic expected, and how many animals are needed so that we have the proper amount for potential adopters to interact with. Then, I focus on the volunteer component, which is critical, as the volunteers represent Bideawee at the events, interacting with the public, caring for our animals, and even conducting adoptions. Finally, I work with the medical team, adoption center and the behavior team to select animals that are ready to go!

All animals must be healthy, spayed or neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped. Behavior-wise, we seek cats, kittens, dogs and puppies that are social and confident in a variety of environments.  Having a variation in age, gender, coat color and general disposition is a plus. Bringing a diverse population into the community increases the likelihood that we will have a potential pet type for all the various individuals looking to adopt!

Once we have all the above in place, we get our state of the art, custom made, branded 26-foot mobile adoption truck-- which is essentially an adoption center on wheels--stocked and ready to take our precious cargo on the road. This stunning vehicle was custom made to comfortably house 20 animals (dogs, cats, kittens and puppies) safely while traveling around the tri-state area in state of the art accommodations. It’s always a pleasure to see the smiles, looks, and people pointing when we ride by, and the compliments when potential adopters enter the truck to view our animals.

I feel incredibly grateful to have a job that brings together so many of my passions: pets, people, conversations and working with so many members of the organization to bring these wonderful events to life.

There is no greater reward for me then when I help to facilitate a successful match. The smile and excitement on the adopters’ face is priceless. Watching one of our fur babies setoff on their new journey with their forever family is so gratifying. Knowing that we can be there for them every step of the way is the icing on the cake. Watching these adoptions take place just reminds me why I do what I do, and look forward to my job each and every day.