Sharing your life with a dog can bring loads of joy to your life and training is an essential part of this relationship. Training builds confidence, strengthens the human-animal bond, and helps your dog become a social, well-behaved member of the family.

The number one reason dogs are returned to shelters are for issues related to behavior, which are easily remedied with training. It’s important to understand that training your pup is something you do before problems arise, not after. Dogs want to please their people, but they don’t know how to communicate until they are taught—and it’s up to us to teach them!

That’s why we’ve partnered with two terrific organizations that can help you communicate with your dog and teach them everything they need to know to become happy, healthy, confident canine ambassadors.

Register with Dogs Trust USA, which offers in-person, one-on-one sessions and group classes throughout the five boroughs as well as a virtual four-week course for $99.

Or, register for virtual dog training classes with GoodPup and get one week free and a 20% lifetime discount. Private video call sessions with your trainer are also available any day of the week. Between sessions you can use GoodPup’s illustrated practice guides and chat with your trainer whenever you have questions.

It’s incredible how much progress you can make with your dog when you are both speaking the same language. Both of these organizations have a long-standing history of helping pet-parents do just that—so sign up today!