As a full-service hospital, we are equipped to handle medical and surgical cases, including urgent care.  Our experienced veterinarians and veterinary team are also happy to provide wellness checks to keep your pet healthy!!

  • Wellness care – vaccinations and parasite control for cats and dogs
  • Medical services – Labwork including blood and urine tests, cytology, biopsies, blood pressure tests, imaging services include digital radiography, ultrasound and echocardiograms. 
  • Hospitalization of sick pets
  • Surgery – soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries.
  • Complete oral health assessment and treatment – dental cleaning and extractions under anesthesia.
  • Health certificates for travel to domestic as well as international destinations.


  • Forms Options

    The Animal Hospitals at Bideawee know that your time is valuable and we have created digital forms that when submitted in advance of your first appointment will help reduce the time spent at the Animal Hospital at Bideawee.

    These forms will provide the doctors and staff at the Animal Hospitals at Bideawee critical insight into your pet's medical history so that the staff is able to provide your pet with a tailored healthcare plan.

    Completing the forms is fast and easy, just follow these quick steps:

    1) Select the applicable form - New Client or Medical History
    2) Fill in the required information
    3) Submit the form by hitting the "Submit" button.

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