A Veterinarian’s Thank You During Covid-19
- By Dr. Melissa Young

Thank you for understanding that we are here to help you but understand that we are scared too.

Thank you for knowing that we are trying to stay safe and yet help your pet.

Thank you for realizing that we also may have a loved one, a friend or family member that has passed from the virus. We may have a fragile or elderly person in our lives that we know may not survive if they get the virus. We are concerned about our clients becoming ill.

Thank you for understanding that we care about your pet all year long. We worry about your animal after we leave work, lying awake some nights wondering if we could have done more. We worry about how sad the family will be tomorrow when their beloved friend is euthanized. How do we let the family say goodbye and comfort their loved one but yet keep everyone safe? We pray for your pet even if we don’t tell you.

Thank you for understanding that right now we may not be able to cut your dog’s nails but we worry that maybe he will hurt you with them. What if the nail cracks and causes your pet pain? Do we schedule a nail trim in case or do we see only urgent cases? We continue to worry if a decision we made was the right one.

Thank you for understanding that it weighs heavily on us to have to send you to an emergency room with your pet. We worry the financial burden may be too much for you. Thank you for understanding that we are essential workers and essentially, we are doing our best.

We are here for you and your pets—now and always—and despite these difficult circumstances, we remain deeply committed to you and your four-legged friends and care more than you know. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.